Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Developing techniques for wealth transfer and asset distribution in estates.

How We Will Help You:

We understand the importance of safeguarding and nurturing your wealth & assets for your loved ones. To ensure your wishes are fulfilled, developing a comprehensive estate plan while minimising tax implications will be carried out.

The significance of trust to carry out necessary rules that are on par with up-to-date law terms, for the family’s needs to be met along the way is what we believe in.

Our Estate Planning services comprise:

Will and Trust Services: We assist in drafting legally sound wills and trusts that protect your assets.

Legacy Preservation: We help you define your legacy and ensure it’s passed down as you desire.

Generational Wealth Transfer: We provide strategies for efficient wealth transfer to heirs.

Charitable Giving: We explore philanthropic opportunities and tax-efficient ways to give back.


Structuring the process
Estate Planning

Why Bequest?

Our Values

Having a strong foundation in our core values, Bequest believes in Trust and Integrity to be a reliable partner.

An Extensive Portfolio

Offering a range of services to accommodate to your unique needs.


Run by an experienced team of bankers and investors , Bequest has decades of useful experience in financial services and investments for a dependable advice.

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