Institutional Solutions

Institutional Solutions

Personalised strategies for organisations to overcome challenges.

How We Will Help You:

Institutions require specialised financial solutions. We understand that no two businesses are the same hence, Bequest’s institutional solutions are designed to address the vary objectives of organisations, including endowments, foundations, and corporations. The strategy we leverage imply differentiated solutions built to respond to market’s uncertainty to make certain a balanced portfolio.

Our Institutional Solutions offerings comprise:

Custom Investment Portfolios: We design portfolios that align with your organisation’s financial goals.

Risk Management: We help mitigate risks associated with institutional investments.

Reporting and Accountability: We provide transparent reporting and regular performance reviews.

Economic and Market Insights: We offer  insights, blogs, updates on the news as well as whitepapers and Webinars to get a gauge of what is occurring globally in the market to make informed decisions.


Structuring the process
Institutional Solutions

Why Bequest?

Our Values

Having a strong foundation in our core values, Bequest believes in Trust and Integrity to be a reliable partner.

An Extensive Portfolio

Offering a range of services to accommodate to your unique needs.


Run by an experienced team of bankers and investors , Bequest has decades of useful experience in financial services and investments for a dependable advice.

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