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Family Office

Manage the finances of families to build their everlasting legacy.

How We Will Help You:

Bequest preserves your unique family heritage, ensuring prosperity and well-being for generations. We consider your individual needs and dynamics in lifestyle, real estate, private & public investments, operations, and succession planning.

We believe in charitable giving and philanthropic efforts, helping families establish foundations, trusts, and funds to better society and the environment.

This commitment is integral to our strategy model, reflecting our genuine care for the world.

Our Family Offices Services comprise:

Evaluation of family offices’ mandates and personal financial objectives of principals, drawing long term plans and carefully suggesting investments in a tax efficient manner.


Structuring the process
Family Offices Services

Why Bequest?

Our Values

Having a strong foundation in our core values, Bequest believes in Trust and Integrity to be a reliable partner.

An Extensive Portfolio

Offering a range of services to accommodate to your unique needs.


Run by an experienced team of bankers and investors , Bequest has decades of useful experience in financial services and investments for a dependable advice.

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Charitable endeavours and assistance given to humanitarian concerns.

Estate Planning

Developing techniques for wealth transfer and asset distribution in estates.

Wealth Management

Professional management of assets to promote overall financial stability and security.

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